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Buying local products will boost Lebanon’s economy and will give its population a steadier ground to build a future and a family. Lebanon needs a boost for what it regards local economy and exportation.

Unemployment is one the most persistent problems facing the country, therefore buying products made by Lebanese firms could really help preserve and create jobs in the Lebanese families. Buying local also means becoming a more self-sufficient state, which depends less on international imports.

Support for the Lebanon product will also improve the dollarization of the country, by bringing more value to the the Lebanese pound. When money are spent locally, they can be re-spent locally, permitting the overall level of economy to raise.

It’s also important to provide support to Lebanese exporters, because they are the primary source of income that comes from Lebanese products exportation. Providing support to Lebanese exporters will increase the production and the value primarily in the sectors of Agriculture, Agrofood, High-tech manufacturing, and ICT. It needs to be clear for exporters across all sectors, which services are available to them and which steps are required to export efficiently and effectively.

What we want to achieve with our plan in supporting the local Lebanese production is:

  • support the local community and its production
  • give a future to local family businesses
  • providing exporters with access to markets and easy transports
  • providing access to business opportunities through the organization of trade missions to potential target markets in cooperation with Lebanese embassies abroad
  • providing technical assistance and training on international trade and requirements
  • promote local and circular economy

If you care about the future of Lebanon product and want Lebanese business to have a future, join our cause and support with us the Lebanese product. Let’s work together on achieving great economic results in Lebanon.

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