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Some information about who we are and what we do.

Find out who is behind Lebanese International Lobby!

We Make Politics Transparent And Honest Again.

We strive for a transparent, supportive, loyal and correct political institution. 

Patriot People


We strive to build a strong community with the Lebanese people living in Lebanon and expatriates. We want Lebanon to be a safe and peaceful country to live in and go back to.  



It’s important to educate the population on our history and to fight together for a better future. We strive to create business and friendship contacts worldwide.


Feature Benefit

Lebanon must benefit from a healthy and peaceful environment where people can feel free to live and raise their families. Once the country will know what peace, political neutrality and support means, life expectance will increase.

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Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

The lebanese international lobby

Our Story

We are a coalition of Lebanese people inside Lebanon and all around the world, working together with the aim of supporting the needs and interests of the Lebanese community as a whole, as well as the supreme interest of our homeland: Lebanon

We are a young group of people who are interested in the health and prosperity of Lebanon. We want to connect and create a bigger community where Lebanese people can relate to and feel supported in the cause of a better future for their country.


Create a strong community

Bring people together and empower them to fight for their country and their values. Safety, support and equity are the main assets that we want to establish.

Eliminate corruption and misgovernment

Create a fair country where legal institution and politics work together for a common outcome: provide protection and safety for the Lebanese community.

Transparency in sovereignty

Bring transparency and independence to Lebanon to promote justice, peace, positivity and pride.

Promote professional, financial & social networks

We want to create a country where the new generations can feel free to live in, make a living and travel to. A country with numerous potential possibilities. 


who are we

Meet the Team

A little snippet of who we are and what we do

Nadine Moussa

Legal Affairs Department

Civil rights advocate and pro-bono legal consultant for human rights, environment cases and local NGO’s. Founder and President of the Lebanese Association to prevent corruption.


Pierre El Sokhn

President - Australia at Committee of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions For Lebanon

I am a strategic business partner delivering fiscally plans to resolve financial and accounting challenges, propel corporate growth and strengthen compliance.

Toni Nissi

Diplomatic Relations

President of the committee for the UNSCRs resolutions for Lebanon. Vice president near east of the international Christian union.


Dr. Susan Serbey

Internal Affairs Department

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille. Directeur at D-Cript. Master “European Drug Regulation” from Lille University of Law and Health. Founder of Medica RCP, the Lebanese Drug Reference, and founder of Pyramid.



Naoum Abi-Rached

International Affairs Department

University St Joseph de Beirut, Economics and Political sciences, CEO of several fashion and marketing  Groups, President of different NGO’s In France and Lebanon.


Marc Tueni

Meeting Coordinator

IT project manager, I have been working in the health industry for several years. Long-time activist, international coordinator of the Meghterbin Mejtemiin. 

Wadih Assaf

Secretary General of the Lebanese international Lobby

Founder and president  of the Lebanese Swisss association Zurich – Switzerland


Main Heading

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We are a great team of determined people working together to create a better community and give a brighter future to Lebanon.
Pierre El Sokhn
We want the Lebanese community to experience a life without fear and political corruption. We strive for peace, transparency and for a better future for Lebanon.
Toni Nissi
Diplomatic Affairs
We present new ideas everyday for a new Lebanon, where safety, happiness and peace rule. No misgovernment and corruption anymore.
Nadine Moussa
Legal Affairs Department
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