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frequently asked questions

Here are the responses to our most asked questions. Hope you find your answers and if not, just drop us a line!

General Questions

Because we want to create a safe place where people can feel free to grow their families, live and travel to. We want the community to be happy and in peace. Corruption and misgovernment will not have a space in the new Lebanon. 

You can find our e-election sheet on the vote section of this website. Fill it in and send it.

We have several activities that bring people together to work on a same outcome. We help children by giving them clothes and food, we bring together other organisations to erase political corruption, we fight for a better future for Lebanon. Find everything in the volunteer and proposal sections of this website.

If you are so kind that you want to donate for our cause, you can go on the donate section of this website and click donate. The rest is up to you!

We are people that care about the future of Lebanon and want the community to feel safe and at home. We decided to work together on achieving our goals and to eliminate corruption and conflicts from this amazing country. Find more on the about us section.

Because we want a better future for Lebanon and we know it’s possible. We just need to put the right effort into it.

Yes they are, and with your help, even more. join our cause for good!

Yes, you can find them in our blog section. here we write most of our news about Lebanon. Feel free to check it out!

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