Lebanon, a Country Full of culture delicious food and amazing people

Known principally as Lebanese Republic, Lebanon is a country situated in the Western Asia where culture and tradition are still strongly rooted even after several centuries. Several cultures have influenced the Lebanese community over the years, but Lebanon still practices its tradition fierily.

The Lebanese community and its differences in culture

The official language is Arabic, even though French is also widely spread throughout the country, due to the past historical influences. Nevertheless, many people in Lebanon also speak a dialect of Arabic: Lebanese Arabic. In general, though, most of the people are multilingual and highly educated, particularly in Beirut and its surrounding areas. Attitudes and behaviours tend to be more strict and conservative in the Bekaa Valley and the rural areas in the north and south of the country.

The people of Lebanon differ from each other because of their ethnicity, religion and provenience. However, the two most common groups among the population are religion bases and are the Christians and Muslims. Due to past and present conflicts in the neighbor countries, there also many Palestinian and Syrian refugees among the current Lebanese community. However, they all blend together and seem to be very welcoming and kind.

The Lebanese cuisine and its wonderful flavours

The basis of the Lebanese cuisine are foods such as pita bread, rice, red meat, legumes, tahini and some other foods. Fruits and vegetables also play a major role in the typical cuisine. With traditional and simple ingredients coming from Lebanon itself, people can cook delicious and nourishing foods from which their soul can thrive.

The food in Lebanon is similar to the other typical food in the Middle East Asia. However, there are some traditional food that distinguish themselves, such as the kibbe and the tabbouleh. It’s simply a meat pie made with burghul and minced lamb accompanied by a salad with tomatoes, burghul, and parsley. It’s simple but delicious; famous worldwide due to its unforgettable flavors. Another famous dish is the M’Juhdara, a cheap meal made with rice as a base and then a stew of lentils and onions to go along with. Here also, simple and delicious. Drinks wise, the most popular beverage while dining is Arak, which come from fermenting grape juice.

In conclusion, Lebanon is the perfect country to visit and explore, thanks to all its cultural beauty, splendid people and delicious cuisine. Lebanon gives its visitors the pleasure to taste a bit of Asia, while showing off its roots and traditions. The Lebanese people are supportive, kind and always willing to show off what their country has to offer.

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