Beirut Port Explosion And Its Consequences In Lebanon

Lebanon, a country that after any kind of disaster, was always able to stand up on its feet.

Lebanon has experienced a lot of disasters in the past; political, economic and environmental, but has always found a way to stand up and live again. Corruption and misgovernment had led to a lot of illegal deeds that had bad consequence on the lives of the Lebanese community. Therefore, many organisations, like us, are trying to stop these and give back to the innocent people living in Lebanon.

The Beirut explosion: what a terrible nightmare

Last year, 4 August 2020, a very terrible explosion hit the port of Beirut, due to a large amount of ammonium nitrate that was stored unsafely. The explosion caused the death of many people, 204, and around 7000, got badly injured instead. Around 300 000 people were left without a home and for two weeks straight, Lebanon was in a state of emergency.

From how strong the explosion was, the United States Geological Survey detected an earthquake of 3.3 of magnitude. Houses from 10 km far were also teared down, due to the explosion. The damages in the whole Beirut city add up to more than 10 billion dollars. 2 hospitals were destroyed, as well as many other important buildings. The people responsible for the safety of the nitrate at the harbor, ended up under house arrests until the authorities didn’t prove their innocence.

5th of August was a national day of mourning for the whole country. Lebanon will take several years before people will go back to normal. This explosion marked an important day in the history of Lebanon and will not be easily forgotten.

Why is the Beirut Port explosion so important?

The Beirut explosion marked an important date in the history of Lebanon. It provoked a terrible crisis for the country and its people. Lebanon received 252,7 millions of euro from other countries as a symbol of support and as a help to stand up again. However, this situation brought the Lebanese parties and the wealthy class, who rule the politic scene in Lebanon, to actuate their plan of getting rid of several public institutions and of making the healthcare system, as well as the education one, private. This will mark an even bigger distinction between the wealthy and the poor class in Lebanon. The wealthy class already rule the politic scene and is responsible for the misgovernment and corruption that lies in Lebanon, since 1990 onward.

With the crisis that Covid-19 brought, together with the Beirut Port explosion, Lebanon underwent a huge shot which will be hard to recover from. With the International Lebanese Lobby, we try to help Lebanon become a fair country where people can feel free and happy to live in, and not afraid of. We want our people to be proud of being Lebanese and not otherwise. Corruption, misgovernment and class differentiation should stop, and we want to achieve that.

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