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We work on protecting the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon, by preserving its neutrality from all conflicts. We strive to achieve a country free of political corruption and misgovernment. Therefore, to provide a great service and achieve our goals, we value transparency and support throughout all our policies.

Transparent Policy

We value transparency throughout all our actions and strive for a better future for Lebanon. By providing trustworthy and valuable information, we declare that are policy is 100% transparent towards our supporters.

Health Services

We make sure to provide good health services for all our clients and for the overall wellbeing of our Lebanese community. We hope for a decrease in crime and corruption and we offer international protection for the Lebanese people worldwide.


We provide a safe economy service. Donations and purchases can be made to support our cause in creating a stronger, healthier, safer Lebanese community. You can also volunteer with us for a better future for Lebanon.


We strive to achieve a country free of political corruption and financial crimes. Lebanon must become a country where peace and happiness rule and where crimes against humanity is only an old memory.

Country Growth

We want to achieve growth in prosperity through a worldwide community that supports each other from within the Lebanon country and out. Unity makes us stronger, and that’s the key to our growth.


We value support, unity and protection above all causes, in order to fulfil the needs and interests of the Lebanese community as a whole, as well as the wealth of their own homeland: Lebanon.

Our Story

Our Political Philosophy

We want to host several activities on a weekly basis to emphasize the importance of protesting against the corrupted political leaders who destroyed Lebanon. We want to form a strong community where all Lebanese people can feel safe and ‘at home’. We give them the chance to vote online for the new Parliamentary elections in order to reach a country without political corruption and where the values and needs of its population are at its core. Independence, sovereignty, peace and neutrality from all conflicts are the goals of our political philosophy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and support the Lebanese community worldwide and within the country. To do so, we want to make Lebanon a safe country to live in and to come back to. We want to connect with the MPs Ministers to ask their help with the horrible situation in Lebanon. We want to reach all-important international institutions like the United Nations to show that Lebanon is a failed state and therefore, ask for international protection for the Lebanese people. We strive for an independent country, free of conflicts and corruption, where inhabitants can live in peace and emigrants can feel safe to travel back home. We want to eliminate any possibility of crime against humanity. The needs and interests of our people are what push us to fight for a better future for Lebanon. 



If you want a better future for Lebanon where peace, independence and support reign, and where political corruption and conflicts come to an end, then our candidates are the perfect choice for you!

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Restore the sovereignty

The aim is to preserve Lebanon neutrality from all conflicts, and achieving a political life free of corruption and misgovernment. Transparency, support and peace will be key in this process.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Implement the constitution

Instead of treating the Lebanese population as a third party, it is going to be treated as a first one: the most important for the wealth and growth of the country prosperity.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Limitation in weapons

The limitation in the use of weapons is a way to restore safety and peace within the country. The use of weapons will be limited to the hands of the army in order to avoid any kind of crime against humanity.


Join our cause to help Lebanon become a better country

Our Results

We want to reach fast, great and on-going results for the Lebanese community. Through the organization of conferences, seminars and expositions with the Lebanese products, we promote the financial, professional and social network for the new generations. We have already created many strong business contacts and allied friendships.


Better and stronger economy where the values and needs of the Lebanese community are the main concern.


We strive for a non-corrupted political scene where transparency and mutual support command.


We want to achieve a stronger, healthier and supportive Lebanese society where peace and friendship among the population are emancipated.


We want Lebanon to be freed from corruption and conflicts and to be the next neutral country, where its population is defended and supported in regards of a brighter future.

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