Lebanon, A Country Full Of History And Beauty

What it can give as a country and be unique in doing so

Lebanon is a great country in the Western Asia, with amazing people and great food. Lebanon, more than for its heritage, food, people and art, is famous for its recent history: the civil war that went on from 1975 till 1990 and that brought a lot of blood to the country. Even if the wat ended, the two factions, the Sunni and the Shia, are still fighting. For what it regards the crime rate in general, Beirut is safe, even if any type of terrorism can occur on any occasion.  

What to visit

Lebanon had a long history; therefore, the country is full of culture, art and historical sites where tourists and locals can get a taste of that history. Byblos, for example, the ancient Phoenician capital, is a very nice and interesting place to visit. Here, you can see and re-live through its buildings and remains, what the life looked like here decades ago with the Phoenicians. There are other two very famous and beautiful historical sites to see when visiting Lebanon: Baalbek and Tyre. Baalbek is the largest and most famous Roman ruins site outside of Italy. Many interested tourists visit it throughout the year, even though it’s not the safest place to be, due to the several kidnapping events that occur in exchange of money. Tyre is another historical site, also not the safest for tourists, where the rests of one of the earliest Phoenician metropolises can be found.

Lebanon as a whole

Lebanon is such a small country compared to its history. Many people say its golden age was right before the outbreak of the civil war. Back then, Lebanon was considered the “Paris of the Middle East”. After the war, many people fled abroad, especially Christians, so the population lost strength and unity. However, the Lebanese population is a very big, kind and respectful community; always ready to help others. For example, after the conflicts in Syria, Lebanon gave asylum to over 1.000,000 refugees, increasing the population of 25%, even though their capabilities weren’t the bests.

Lebanon is a great country with amazing weather conditions and amazing landscapes. There are amazing beaches and 30 minutes far from them, amazing mountains. You can swim and ski in the same day. There are two mountain ranges that cross the country from north to south and that give space to numerous climate zones and different flora and fauna. The symbol of Lebanon is the cedar tree, a beautiful tree that grows best above 1500-2000 meters high.

Even though Lebanese people have the right to be angry and cynic sometime, due to what happened in the past and what is still happening, they are the kindest and most welcoming people ever. Lebanon is a great country, with a great history and a great potential, it just needs to learn how to use it.

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