Healthcare System For Lebanon

For Lebanese citizens and expats, healthcare in Lebanon has become hard to receive. Most people in the country struggle to afford the right access to health care, despite government attempts at regulating expenses. Moreover, due to the recent influx of Syrian refugees, the access to healthcare in Lebanon has become a luxury for anyone. 

Healthcare in Lebanon is scarce. Most of the population lives in the capital city of Beirut, where the pricing for healthcare is a major issue in the country’s system. The high prices have left 50 per cent of the population uninsured from any type of health coverage. Other factors, such as a serious lack of medical supplies, have badly affected citizens healthcare in Lebanon. Hospitals have been reported denying access to those who lack of insurance. This has to do with the shortages of hospital beds, medicine and staff, especially after the Beirut Port explosion.

Currently, 1.5 million Syrian refugees have entered Lebanon, and they found themselves sitting in refugee camps where health problems are a daily occurrence. The influx of people has affected the already existing inability to access healthcare in Lebanon, affecting both citizens and refugees. They both are struggling to find health providers and money to pay for any healthcare service.

The Lebanese government has tried to implement new ways for citizens to have access to healthcare. The National Social Security Fund was created to allow all those who work to receive healthcare aid. The fund is given based on a citizen’s income. The fund covers 10 percent of hospital costs, 20 per cent of medicine and exam costs, while 100 percent of coverage is dispersed to patients who are terminally ill.

However, healthcare should be an accessible right to everyone in Lebanon. People cannot keep dying because of the lack of financial resources to afford the right health treatments in their own country. Healthcare should be free for anyone living in Lebanon. We are working hard on:

  • achieving free healthcare system in Lebanon
  • give the possibility to anyone living in Lebanon to receive the right health treatments
  • build new hospitals to give the possibility to everyone to be hospitalised if needed
  • convince the government to give more funds to the healthcare system in order to promote better health for its population
  • make the healthcare a priority and not a luxury

Let’s work together on achieving these goals. Join us on our cause for a better and healthier future for Lebanon.

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