Protect Childhood in Lebanon

Let’s protect children from violence, abuse, exploitation, child labour, child marriage and other types of gender-, age-based violence.

We want to work on keeping our children safe in their own country. When we say children, we mean vulnerable children from the age of 0 to 17 years old. This includes children with disabilities, or those experiencing emotional, physical and sexual abuse, neglect or exploitation. But, it also includes children at risk of child marriage, or the ones who lack food or have dropped out of school. In Lebanon there are also many children engaged in the worst forms of child labour for 16 hours a day, which is insane for any human being.

We want the best for our population, children included, because they are the new resources for the future of Lebanon. Because of this, our goal is to provide psychosocial support for any kind of mistreatment situation. We want to teach them life skills, how to deal in peer-to-peer activities, and in general protect them and raise awareness of the current situation.

Through this proposal, we want to achieve a number of positive outcomes, such as:

  • Give children the knowledge on how to behave in certain situations in order to protect themselves and their peers.
  • Spread the knowledge among parents and caregivers on how to provide care and protection for their children in the right and most secure way.
  • Protect children nationally and locally when it comes to gender-based violence situations. We want the community to support the abortion of any kind of illegal ad abusive activity in regards to children and their role within society.
  • Engage with the ministers and governments to work on decreasing the level of injustice, corruption and misbehaving in regards of children’s health and safety
  • Give access to quality services for all families with children where age and gender are considered important and valuable.

All children have the right to be protected from violence, exploitation and abuse. Children in Lebanon are exposed to child labor, child marriage, and other forms of violence everyday of their lives. Unfortunately, since the Syrian Crisis continues, and more people, children included, flee to Lebanon, its economic and human outlook continues to weaken. In the long term, these conditions will affect child development – including not attending school, being forced to work or child marriage, in addition to being exposed to persistent social conflict – which can have unrepairable physical, mental and economic consequences that they will take with them into their adolescence and adulthood.

We want to stop that and give a better future to these children. Join us and our cause to give children in Lebanon a brighter future full of safety, protection, knowledge and self-development, free of any kind of abuse and violence. Let’s work together to better Lebanon.

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