The right of elderly people to have free access to healthy and salary after they retire

Free health and salary for the elderly

Many elderly people suffer human rights violations every year, going from discrimination and social and political exclusion, to abuses in elderly homes, denial and rationing of health care. Most of these abuses don’t gain much attention from the government and mostly go undocumented and unpunished. The rights of elderly people cannot be ignored. We want to propose a change to make an impact in the lives of older people today and in the future.

Healthcare system

A humanitarian approach to the right of elderly people to receive access to health can help to address the legal, social, and structural barriers involved in the subject, clarifying the legal obligations of the government and non-government actors to uphold and respect these rights.

Old people should not be abandoned and left dying, once they are not able to carry out their daily life activities anymore. Healthcare is a right that anyone should receive at any stage in their lives. It should be free for everyone, also the most marginalised people.

Salary after retirement

We want our population to be happy to be Lebanese, and to do so, we want that all the population of Lebanon receives the same rights. Income, race, class, gender shouldn’t matter when it comes to fair state. Equality should be for all. Elderly people included.

Elderly people, even if they retire and stop working because of their health conditions and age, they also have to receive their salary like any other citizen of Lebanon. The government should put effort in making sure that every old person in Lebanon receives a fair salary even after they retire. It’s their right and moreover, they need it to live and support themselves.

We, as the International Lebanese Lobby organisation, want to promote a change in the healthcare and financial system for elderly people. Health and salary for the elderly should be:

  • accessible
  • available
  • accepted
  • qualitative

If you are reading this, and also think that every human being, neither young nor old, should receive their fair salary after they retire, support us in our cause and become a member of our community. Together we can make a change e make Lebanon, a new country where freedom, peace and fairness rule.

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